Translation: garden

Vrt is a place for growing vegetables or flowers, or a place with grass and flowers where one can take a walk. If you want to be more specific you can talk of zelenjavni vrt (vegetable garden) or cvetlični vrt (flower garden).


Na mojem vrtu rastejo solata, korenje in zelje.
(Salad, carrots, and cabbage are growing in my garden.)

Spomladi večino prostega časa namenim delu na vrtu.
(In spring I devote most of my free time to the work on the garden.)

Odkar sem v pokoju, redno vrtnarim.
(I regularly work in a garden since I am in retirement.)

Hotelski gostje se pred večerjo radi sprehajajo po vrtu.
(The guests of the hotel like to stroll in the garden before dinner.)

Gremo v živalski vrt.
(We go to the zoo.)


vrtec – kindergarten
vrtiček – a small garden
vrtičkar – someone who owns a small vegetable garden and spends a lot of time working on it
vrtnariti – to garden
vrtnarjenje – gardening
botanični vrt – botanical garden
živalski vrt – zoo

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