Translation: the Universe, space (beyond Earth’s atmosphere) [noun, n]

Not to be mixed up by veselje (happiness), though vesolje can bring veselje to those fascinated by it. Slovenian doesn’t distinguish between the space (as in the space beyond Earth’s atmosphere) and the Universe—using the capitalized Vesolje avoids confusion, but this convention is not always followed.


NASA je poslala astronavte v vesolje.
(NASA sent the astronauts to space.)

Vesolje se širi pospešeno.
(The Universe expands at an accelerating rate.)

V vesolju te nihče ne more slišati kričati.
(In space no one can hear you scream.)

Mednarodna vesoljska postaja kroži okoli Zemlje.
(The International Space Station orbits the Earth.)

Vesolje je neskončno.
(The Universe is infinite.)


astronavt – astronaut
neskončnost – infinity
Zemlja – Earth

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