Translation: trumpet [noun, f]

Trobenta can be heard in many bands that play Slovenian folk music. However, harmonika (accordion) is probably most often associated with this type of music.


Rad poslušam jazz. Še posebej mi je všeč zvok trobente.
(I like to listen to jazz. I especially like the sound of a trumpet.)

Trobenta, klarinet, bobni… Potrebujemo samo še pevca, pa imamo skupino!
(Trumpet, clarinet, drums… We only need a singer and we have a band!)

Trobentica je znanilka pomladi.
(Primrose is a herald of spring.)


Ne trobentaj!
(Don’t talk nonsense!)


trobentač – trumpet player
glasbenik – musician
trobilo – brass instrument
trobentica – primrose

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Primrose is not named “trobentica” by coincident. Early in spring, when you’re walking in a park or a garden, pick up one primrose blossom and blow through its stalk. Did you hear it?

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