Translation: store, shop; trade, commerce [noun, f]


V trgovini kupim moko in olje.
(I buy flour and oil in a store.)

Trgovinski sporazum med državama je preprečil krizo.
(A trade agreement between the two countries prevented a crisis.)

Trgovec je trgoval v trgovini.
(A trader traded in a store.)


kot slon v trgovini s porcelanom
(to be extremely clumsy – lit. (to act) as an elephant in a porcelain store)

trgovina z belim blagom
(a trade with nowadays slaves, typically women from eastern European countries to the west as prostitutes (but also children and men) – lit. trade with white goods)

Haha, imaš odprto trgovino!
(Haha, your crotch zipper is open. – lit. Haha, you have an open store!)


trgovati – to trade
trgovec – a trader, merchant [noun, m]
trgovka – a female trader [noun, f]
blago – goods [noun, n]
trg – a square [noun, m]

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2 thoughts on “trgovina

  1. živjo! “blago” ima števka pomeni, je res? ne le “goods”, ampik tudi pomene: tkanina, in, “mildly”

    • Ja, Sarah, prav imaš!

      blago – fabric [noun, n]
      blag – mild [adj]
      blago – mildly [adv]

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