Sneaky. We all know that it’s a chocolate number.

Translation: zero, nothing

The word nič has several distinct meanings, and it can be found in many phrases and expressions. It has many different grammatical roles in sentences; hopefully, the examples will make it clear how and when to use it.


Nič je število.
(Zero is a number.)

Štejem od nič do neskončno.
(I count from zero to infinity.)

Z nič denarja se ne da nič kupiti.
(With no money one cannot buy anything.)

Nič ga ni spravilo v zadrego.
(Nothing made him embarrassed.)

Kaj se je zgodilo? Nič, pozabi!
(What happened? Nothing, forget it.)


Prepirati se za prazen nič.
(to argue without cause – lit. To argue for empty nothing.)

Vse bo šlo v nič.
(Everything will fall apart / will be ruined / will be destroyed. – lit. Everything will go to nothing.)

za nič na svetu
(for all the world – lit. for nothing in the world)

Svojega avta ne bi zamenjala za nič na svetu.
(I wouldn’t change my car for all the world)


ničesar – nothing

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