Translation: star

Similar to its English meaning, zvezda describes both a hot ball of burning gas and a famous person with an inclination for extravagant.


Sonce je Zemlji najbližja zvezda.
(Sun is the closest star to Earth.)

Na večernem nebu so zasijale prve zvezde.
(The first stars appeared (lit. started to shine) on the evening sky.)

Peterokraka zvezda je pomemben ideološki in verski simbol.
(A five-pointed star is an important ideological and religious symbol.)

Prihodnost je zapisana v zvezdah.
(The future is written in the stars.)

Filmske zvezde so se sprehodile po rdeči preprogi.
(Movie stars walked down the red carpet.)


biti rojen pod srečno zvezdo
(to be born under a lucky star; it is also common to say nesrečno zvezdo, which means unlucky)

kovati koga v zvezde
(to praise somebody to the skies; lit. to forge somebody into stars)

seči po zvezdah
(to reach for the stars)


The red star is one of the symbols of communism. In Slovenia, the survived fighters of the second world war (and their younger supporters) still proudly wave with flags with red stars on national ceremonies. To the chagrin of the survived opposition (and their young supporters). You wouldn’t believe the debates and arguments between the two brainwashed ideological factions that are still present in Slovenian politics.

Politics aside, my first association with the red star is Betelgeuse. Talking about the brainwashed.

Behold: The Red Star! Ref: NASA/ESA
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