Translation: again, one more time, repeatedly [adverb]

The most direct translation of spet is “again”. However, spet is a subtle word you will encounter in several other contexts – see Examples.


Spet dežuje.
(It is raining again.)

Spet si ti na vrsti.
(It’s your turn again.)

Fraza “Ljubim te” se v besedilu pesmi ponavlja spet in spet.
(The phrase “I love you” in the song’s lyrics repeats itself again and again.)

Nekateri so bili navdušeni, drugi spet ne.
(Some were thrilled, the others not. – In principle, one could omit spet from the sentence. Spet in this sense emphasizes the opposite.)

No, tako hudo pa spet ni!
(Well, it’s really not that bad. – Spet is used to emphasize the negation. Kind of like “really” in the English translation.)


ponovno – again [adv]

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A popular radio station VAL 202 used to host a show called Spetek. Can you figure out by yourself what this silly wordplay refers to?