Translation: Slovenia

I mean, it’s about time to bring Slovenija into the spotlight. This being a language blog, I will refrain from posting touristic click baits. A few important derivatives:

Slovenec – a male Slovenian
Slovenka – a female Slovenian
slovenski – Slovenian (notice that it is not capitalized!)


Slovenija leži na sončni strani Alp.
(Slovenia lies on the sunny side of the Alps.)

Barve na slovenski zastavi so: bela, modra, rdeča.
(The colors on the Slovenian flag are: white, blue, red.)

Med potovanjem po Kitajski sem srečal Slovenca.
(During a trip accross China I met a Slovenian.)

Vsak dan se na delo vozi iz Italije v Slovenijo.
(Every day, he drives to work from Italy to Slovenia.)

Kaj na meniju je tipično slovensko?
(What on the menu is typically Slovenian?)


Much to our chagrin, Slovenia is often mixed with Slovakia. It usually happens at sports events: a Slovenian wins a race (yeah!), the organizers raise a Slovakian flag or play the wrong anthem–you know, the usual. I’m not sure whether the locals would hold it against you if you made a blunder. Better safe than sorry, though.

Just kidding:)

Listen to the pronunciation of Slovenian words and phrases.