Translation: surname, last name [noun, m]

It is not common for a Slovenian word to have the same two consecutive letters. Some other examples are oddaja (broadcast, programme), izziv (challenge), soočenje (confrontation).


Po poroki je obdržala svoj priimek.
(She kept her own last name after marriage.)

Tukaj je obrazec. Izpolnite ime, priimek in datum rojstva.
(Here is the form. Fill in the name, surname, and date of birth.)

Kako pogost je tvoj priimek?
(How common is your surname?)

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The list of the most common names and surnames in Slovenia can be found on the webpage of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia. According to the page, the name Franc and surname Novak are at the top of the lists. One has to be careful with names, though; Franc is a name not given often to children nowadays. The most popular name given to newborns these days is Luka.