Translation: politics, policy

Populism, policy, ratings, arguments, affairs–all that, and much more, is politics. Public perception of politics in Slovenia is quite negative. Yet it is at the forefront of many conversations and a catalyst of many heated arguments.

Different kinds of politics are:

zunanja politika – foreign politics
lokalna politika – local politics
strankarska politika – party politics

Politika is also used as policy:

uredniška politika – editorial policy
davčna politika – tax policy


Slovenska politika se sooča s krizo vrednot.
(Slovenian politics is facing a crisis of values.)

Kmetijska politika Evropske unije se je v zadnjih letih močno spremenila.
(Agricultural policy of the European Union has change a lot in recent years.)

Politiki so podprli predlog vlade.
(Politicians supported the government’s proposal.)

Kitajska je imela politiko enega otroka.
(China had a one child policy.)


politika je kurba
(politics is a whore; a popular R-rated saying, note that kurba is a reasonably strong swearing word)


politik/političarka – male/female politician
predsednik – president
stranka – party
predsednik vlade (premier) – prime minister

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