Translation: party (informal)

The formal word for a party is zabava. But it sounds a bit stuck-up. If your party involves dancing and beer and a lot of fun, then you would call it žur or žurka. It is especially applicable to student parties. Derivatives also exist:

žurirati – to party
žuriranje – partying
žurka – also a party

Žur can also be used to describe a particular collective festive fun feeling on an event. See examples.


Hej, a danes zvečer prideš na žur? – Ja, seveda.
(Hey, are you coming to the party tonight? – Yes, of course.)

Žuriranje med študenti je zaskrbljujoče.
(Partying among students is worrisome.)

Včeraj sem bil v klubu. Didžej, muska, ples-bil je pravi žur!
(I was in the club yesterday. DJ, music, dance-it was great! Note: I used the slang muska instead of glasba here.)

Med izbruhom koronavirusa so vsi žuri prepovedani.
(All parties are forbidden during the coronavirus outbreak.)


Žur do jutranjih ur.
(Party until early in the morning. Note: in Slovenian it rhymes, therefore this incomplete sentence is often used in different circumstances.)


zabava – party, fun
plesišče – dance floor
pivo – beer
pir – beer (informal)

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