Translation: language, tongue

Jezik can also mean something that looks like a tongue, for example, the tongue of a shoe. There are many expressions linked with this word; only the most common ones are covered here.


Mami, Klara mi je pokazala jezik!
(Mom, Klara stuck out her tongue at me!)

Težko govorim. Včeraj sem se ugriznil v jezik.
(It is difficult for me to talk. Yesterday I bit myself in my tongue.)

Ali se učiš kakega tujega jezika?
(Are you learning any foreign language?)

Najraje berem knjige napisane v maternem jeziku.
(I like to read books written in my mother tongue the most.)

V znanosti uporabljamo matematični jezik.
(We use the language of mathematics in science.)


biti brez dlake na jeziku
(to be direct; lit. – to be without a hair on tongue)

imeti nabrušen jezik
(to be sharp-tongued)

vzeti komu besedo z jezika
(to say something that is on a conversationist’s mind; lit. to take someone a word from (their) tongue)

imeti dolg jezik
(to talk a lot; lit. to have a long tongue)

jeziček na tehtnici
(the decisive element; lit. a small tongue on a scale)

Neopredeljivi volivci bodo na tokratnih volitvah jeziček na tehtnici.
(The undecided voters will decide these elections.)


jezikati – to talk back (to the authority)
jezikati – to babble
jeza – anger

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The first post!

This is a greeting between people who know each other well (but don’t have to be necessarily friends). In a literary form you may encounter živijo, but only in writing (perhaps in books or in an email from someone who wants to write in a “proper” Slovenian). You can use it both for “hello” and “goodbye”.

Some other informal forms regularly used:

  • zdravo – hello and goodbye (slightly more formal, I guess)
  • čao – hello (and especially) goodbye (informal, from Italian)
  • adijo – goodbye (slightly formal, from French)
  • se vidiva / vidimo – see you (dual) / see you (plural) (very informal)

And formal forms:

  • dobro jutro – good morning
  • dober dan / večer – good day / evening
  • lahko noč – good night
  • pozdravljeni – hello
  • nasvidenje – goodbye (lit. until the next time)
  • zbogom – goodbye (lit. with God)


Živjo Luka, kako si?
(Hi Luka, how are you?)

OK, sedaj moram oditi. Živjo!
(OK, I have to leave now. Bye!)

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