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The word is also a (soft) derogatory term to refer to a woman. Another term for a hen is kura. And now you know what the headline image on this webpage
refers to. Because Slovenia has a form of a hen/chicken. Have you figured it out
by yourself? Actually, kura is usually used vernacularly, while kokoš is reserved
for formal writing and speech.


Kokoš je izlegla jajce.
(The hen hatched/laid an egg.)

Včeraj smo imeli kokoš za večerjo.
(Yesterday, we had hen for dinner.)

Te ženske se res obnašajo kot kokoši.
(These women really behave silly; lit. – These women really behave like hens.)


hoditi s kurami spat
(to go to bed with the chickens; to go to sleep early)

biti kot kura brez glave
(to be reckless, panicky; lit. – to be like a hen without a head)

pisati kot kura
(to have a horribly handwriting; lit. – to write like a hen)


piščanec – chicken
petelin – cock/rooster
piščanček – chick

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