Translation: loud noise, racket

Traffic, barking dogs, neighbors with their loud music–all that is hrup. So put on your noise-canceling headphones and join me in this week’s post. You’ll encounter the word being used both literally and figuratively. Let’s see, hrup can be:

oglušujoč hrup – deafening noise
neobičajen hrup – unusual noise
neznosen hrup – unbearable noise


Stroji povzročajo neznosen hrup.
(The machines are making an unbearable noise.)

Iz lokala se je razlegel hrup.
(Noise came from the pub.)

Hrup okoli afere se je polegel.
(The uproar over the scandal subsided.)

Janez, ura je devet. Nehaj igrati bobne. Hrup vznemirja sosede.
(Janez, it’s nine o’clock. Stop playing drums. The noise is disturbing the neighbours.)


mnogo hrupa za nič
(much ado about nothing)


šum – noise
slušalke – headphones
motnja – disturbance
glasen – loud

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