– fear, fright [noun, m]
– spook, ghost [noun, m]
– to express fear of something (see examples); an alternative, but less strong form of “to be afraid” is bati se


Strah pred pajki ga je popolnoma ohromil.
(Fear of spiders completely paralyzed him.)

Česa te je strah?
(What are you afraid of?)

Strah me je.
(I’m afraid.)

Otroci se bojijo strahov.
(Children are afraid of ghosts.)


Strah ima velike oči.
(If one is afraid of something, then he finds it much more terrifying than it actually is. – lit. fear has big eyes)

pognati komu strah v kosti
(to scare someone – lit. to put someone fear in their bones)

S svojo veliko postavo in grozljivim izrazom je tekmecem pognal strah v kosti.
(He scared the competitors with his big figure and horrifying expression.)

Strah je votel, okoli pa ga nič ni.
(Fear is only in your head. lit. – Fear is hollow, and there’s nothing around it.)


prestrašen – afraid [adj, m]
duh – ghost [noun, m]
bati se – to be afraid

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