Translation: a baby

There comes a time in a person’s life when suddenly their old acquaintances start spamming them with cute baby pictures. I suspect I entered that stage. Anyway, a baby younger than four weeks is also called novorojenček (a newborn).


Kamor se obrnem, povsod vidim dojenčke!
(Wherever I turn, I see babies everywhere!)

Dojenčka je hranila po steklenički.
(She fed the baby from a bottle.)

Dojenčki ne potrebujejo veliko reči.
(Babies don’t need many things.)

Kako lahko pomirim mojega dojenčka? – Daj mu dudo.
(How can I calm down my baby? – Give him a pacifier.)


novorojenček – a newborn
štruca – a small baby wrapped in clothes; literally a loaf (of bread)
voziček – a baby carriage (lit. a small carriage)
plenica – a diaper

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