I’ve been there…

1. bill, invoice
2. account
3. calculation

Whether you go for a coffee, open an account, or help your kid with math homework– račun and its derivatives (see Related) will accompany you on every step.


Natakar, račun, prosim!
(Waiter, a bill, please!)

Račun za elektriko je ta mesec precej visok.
(The electricity bill is quite high this month.)

Ne morem verjeti! Podjetje mi še vedno ni nakazalo denarja na moj račun!
(I can’t believe it! The company still hasn’t deposited the money on my account!)

Otroci, rešite ta račun.
(Children, solve this calculation.)

Računanje je igra.
(Calculation is a game. Note: this is a title of a popular textbook with math exercises.)


bogateti na tuj račun
(to make fortune on other’s account / expense; see also tuj)

račun brez krčmarja
(a failure of a task, because all circumstances haven’t been taken into account)

priti na svoj račun
(to reach a goal or to become satisfied)

Nogometna tekma je bila super–obiskovalci so prišli na svoj račun.
(The football match was great–the spectators were very satisfied by it.)

poravnati stare račune
(to settle old responsibilities or debts)


računati – to calculate (imperfect)
izračunati – to calculate (perfect)

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