Translation: run/running, appetite

Another slightly more subtle meaning of tek is to imply moving in time (see examples).


Dober tek!
(Bon appetit!)

Tako sem zaljubljen… Izgubil sem tek.
(I’m so in love… I lost my appetite.)

Vsak dan tečem. Tek je res odlična rekreacija.
(I run every day. Running is really an excellent recreation/exercise.)

Projekt mora bit končan v teku enega leta.
(The project has to be finished in the course of one year.)

Preiskava je v teku.
(The investigation is underway.)


imeti voljči tek
(to be very hungry; lit. to have a wolf’s appetite; you can also use it as biti lačen kot volk, which translates “to be hungry as a wolf”)


šprint – sprint
maraton – marathon
tek na smučeh – cross-country skiing (lit. running on skies)
tekma – a game match / competition
dobrodelni tek – charity run

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