Translation: apartment, flat

Slovenian makes a distinction between stanovanje (an apartment) and hiša (a house). However, note that a verb stanovati (to reside) applies to both situations.


V petek se selim v novo stanovanje.
(I am moving to a new apartment on Friday.)

Kje pa ti stanuješ?
(And where do you live? Note: pa emphasizes the pronoun ti)

Ne morem si privoščiti stanovanja v Ljubljani – je predrago!
(I can’t afford an apartment in Ljubljana – it is too expensive!)

Lastnik stanovanja išče najemnika.
(The owner of the apartment is looking for a tenant.)


Ljubo doma, kdor ga ima.
(Home sweet home.)

Povsod je lepo, doma je najlepše.
(There’s no place like home.)


stanovati – to reside (in a house or apartment)
vseliti se – to move in
seliti se – being in a process of moving to a new house; to migrate
dom – home

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A random song titled “Ljubo doma“. A good practice to listen to a song with Slovenian lyrics (lyrics is also provided under the video!).

Try to follow the lyrics in Slovenian.

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