Translation: Good luck!

Srečno! is used for a general wish of good luck – see examples. If you want to be more specific, you can use it as an adjective (eg. srečno pot: good luck on the way / safe journey). The origin of the word is the noun sreča, which has basically all the meanings of the English “luck”. But it also means happiness.


Srečno, Kekec!
(Good luck, Kekec! See Extra)

Srečno pot!
(Safe journey!)

Še dobro, da se je vse srečno izteklo.
(I’m glad that everything worked out fine. – in this case, srečno is an adverb.)

Imela je srečno otroštvo.
(She had a happy childhood. – in this case, srečno is an adjective)

Srečno novo leto!
(Happy New Year!)


biti rojen pod srečno zvezdo
(to have luck in life; lit. to be born under a lucky star)


sreča – luck [noun, f][pl -]
nesreča – bad luck [noun, f][pl -]
nesreča – accident [noun, f][du nesreči][pl nesreče]

Listen to the pronunciation of Slovenian words and phrases.


Srečno, Kekec is a title of a Slovenian adventure film from 1963. It is the second film in the famous trilogy about Kekec, a young boy who lives in the mountains and uses his bravery and wits to help the people with various problems. Today, you may hear someone being called kekec, but uncharacteristic of the film (and book) character, it usually implies that such a person is a bit silly or nerdy. Here is an excerpt from the movie, where Kekec sings his now-famous song (still taught to children in primary schools):

Kekčeva pesem from the movie Srečno Kekec (1963).

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