Here are some random links to other useful resources that may help you to learn Slovenian faster and better.

Slovenian for love

People are interested in learning Slovenian for various reasons. Love is probably the best motivation—do I need to say more? Here are two excellent blogs, written by English native speakers. They provide ample resources and share their experience with learning Slovenian.

The Ultimate Guide of Resources to Learn Slovenian

Anna in Slovenia: Discover Slovenia & Learn Slovene

Those horrible declensions

Declensions indeed seem like an impregnable fortress. The most fun part is, once you’ve learned all those rules to decline different nouns, you realize that many exceptions exist. Can you use mati or otrok correctly in a sentence? Here are two handy pages to help you in times of trouble.

Amebis Besana


Words, phrases

Where do you turn to when you encounter an unknown Slovenian word? Or even worse, a phrase! Try out PONS. This online dictionary includes most of the most common words and phrases. If you can’t find a word there, or simply want to go hardcore, then you might want to try one of the official Slovenian dictionaries at Fran. Project Idiom is also a very useful source of idioms, both in Slovenian and English. The page Razvezani jezik has a collection of Slovenian words of phrases; especially interesting are common informal words and phrases.