Translation: animated cartoon

Risanka (noun, f) is used only for short cartoons meant for children. We would say risani film (lit. a drawn movie) when talking about an animated film (some close-minded people might consider risani film as risanka, assuming that everything drawn is meant only for children, but that’s another story).


Maja rada gleda risanke.
(Maja likes to watch cartoons.)

Jakob, spat bo treba. – Mami, a lahko še eno risanko?
(Jakob, it’s bedtime. – Mom, may I watch another cartoon? – lit. Jakob, it will be necessary to sleep. Mom, may another cartoon? This example is a typical exchange between parents and children in the evening. See also Extra for notes on this exchange.)


risani film – animated movie
risati – to draw
ris – lynx [noun, m]

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A bit of colloquial grammar:

The shorter “a” is commonly used instead of “ali” in the question form. Note that the question in the example (Mami, a lahko še eno risanko?) also completely omits a verb. A full sentence would be:

Mami, a lahko pogledam še eno risanko?

“Lahko” in this example serves as an auxiliary modal verb (like “can” or “may” in English). In spoken Slovenian we often omit the actual verb when it is clear from the context what we want to say. Another example:

A lahko kruh?
(May I get some bread?; you would ask that during breakfast to no one in particular. You can add “prosim” in the end, if you want to be a bit more polite.)

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