Translation: paradise, heavens, bliss

Raj is a place where one’s soul goes after they’ve done something well according to their religion (I apologize for this simplified definition). Note that in Christianity one can also use the word nebesa, which means the same as heavens. On the other hand, raj also describes a state of bliss.


Adam in Eva sta bila izgnana iz raja.
(Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise.)

Če boš priden, boš šel v nebesa. Če boš poreden, boš šel v pekel.
(If you behave, you will go to heavens. If you misbehave, you will go to hell.)

Pašniki, gore, jezera… Slovenija je raj na Zemlji!
(Pastures, mountains, lakes… Slovenia is a paradise (heaven) on Earth.)

Rajske ptice imajo čudovito perje.
(Birds-of-paradise have a wonderful plumage.)


obljubljati raj na Zemlji
(to promise something wonderful)


pekel – hell
vice – purgatory

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