Translation: capital (as: the city with the seat of government)

It is also common to say glavno mesto (main city) instead of prestolnica. Prestolnica can further be used to describe a center of a certain activity (eg. prestolnica kulture – cultural capital).


Ljubljana je glavno mesto Slovenije.
(Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia.)

Lani je Luka obiskal skoraj vse evropske prestolnice.
(Last year Luka visited almost all European capitals.)

Maribor je bil leta 2012 razglašen za evropsko prestolnico kulture.
(In 2012, Maribor was pronounced the European capital of culture.)


prestol – throne


Here is a very short list of capitals (and countries) in Slovenian. You will recognize most, but some names are… different.

Ljubljana (Slovenija) – Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Dunaj (Avstrija) – Vienna (Austria)
Rim (Italija) – Rome (Italy)
Budimpešta (Madžarska) – Budapest (Hungary)
Berlin (Nemčija) – Berlin (Germany)
Pariz (Francija) – Paris (France)
London (Združeno kraljestvo) – London (United Kingdom)

Listen to the pronunciation of Slovenian words and phrases.

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