Petrol is the biggest Slovenian petrol company. This post is not meant as an endorsement of the company, though it is quite an important name to pay attention to. For example, when a Slovenian says “Grem na Petrol.”, they mean “I’m going to the gas station.” The company name became a synonym for a gas station.

The real reason for today’s post is actually a fun one. It turns out that in Slovenian you can write not only full sentences but even a short story in which every single word starts with a letter “p”. Petrol made a fun advertisement decades ago based on that quality. Watch it here:

Here is a sentence by sentence translation. Can you twist your language in the same way?


Prelestno pokrajino preveva pomlad.
(A delightful countryside is permeated by spring.)

Petra pa Primož, pravkar poročena, potujeta po prašni poti. Potem pa: PUF PUF
(Petra and Primož, just married, travel on a dusty road. And then: PUF PUF)

Primož: »Presneto!« Prelepo potovanje postane problem.
(Primož: “Damn!” The beautiful journey becomes a problem.)

Prepotena, prašna, prestradana, prrririneta pred Petrolovo postojanko. Poskočen prodajalec ponudi pomoč.
(Sweaty, dusty, starving, they push (themselves and the car) in front of the Petrol post. A jumpy salesman offers help.)

»Pozdravljena, potrebujeta pomoč?«
(Welcome, do you need help?)

Parčku pa predlaga pogledati po prodajalni.
(And he suggests the couple to look about the store.)

Povsod polne prodajne police.
(Filled shelves everywhere.)


Primož: »Perfektno, poba!«
(Primož: “Perfect, man!”)

Poljubi Petro, potem pa požene plehnato pošast.
(He kisses Petra, and then ignites the scrap monster.)

Prijaznost, preglednost, pestrost.
(Kindness, clarity, versatility.)

Podoba popolne ponudbe!
(A picture of a perfect offer.)

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