Kudos to Sarah for this delicious rebus.

Translation: monkey [noun, f]

A rather random choice for today’s word – there are actually no monkeys living in Slovenian forests. You may find a few in the zoo in Ljubljana, though. While “opičjak” is formally a male monkey, it is used only if one really wants to emphasize the sex – typically “opica” is used instead.


Opica je splezala na drevo in pojedla banano.
(A monkey climbed on a tree and ate a banana.)

Opica je pobegnila iz živalskega vrta.
(The monkey escaped from the zoo.)

Anita, ne bodi opica in me pusti pri miru!
(Anita, stop being a copycat and leave me alone! – “opica” is someone who uncritically copies a behavior or action of someone else.)


živalski vrt – zoo

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