Translation: soccer

I admit: soccer is not my thing. But it plays such a big role in public life, I might as well cover it here. Nogomet is constructed from two words: noga (a leg) and met (a throw). Sometimes a more appropriate žogobrc is used, coming from žoga (a ball) and brcati (to kick); but that sounds a bit funny to a native. Use žogobrc only to impress!


Nogomet je igra z žogo.
(Soccer is a game with a ball.)

Nogomet je najpomembnejša igra na svetu.
(Soccer is the most important game in the world.)

Nogomet ali košarka, to je vprašanje.
(Soccer or basketball, that is the question.)

Slovenska nogometna reprezentanca je osvojila turnir v nogometu.
(Slovenian national team won the soccer tournament.)

Rezultat nogometne tekme je bil nepomemben.
(The score of the soccer match was unimportant.)


nogometaš – a soccer player (male)
nogometašinja – a soccer player (female)
žoga – ball
gol – goal

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