Translation: peace [noun, m]

The word mir can be translated as tranquillity, non-conflict (eg. world peace) or inner peace. An adjective is miren, see related words.

Don’t you just hate it when this happens?


Boriti se moramo za svetovni mir!
(We have to fight for the world peace!)

Nočem živeti v mestu, ker tam ni miru.
(I don’t want to live in a city because there is no peace there.)

Vojna in mir.
(War and peace.)

Želim vam miren dan.
(I wish you a peaceful day.)


pustiti (nekoga) pri miru
(to leave (somebody) alone – lit. to leave (somebody) at peace)

Pusti me pri miru!
(Leave me alone!)

Radovednost mi ne da miru.
(I can’t restrain my curiosity – lit. curiosity gives me no peace)

stati (biti) pri miru
(to stand (be) still)


miren – peaceful, quiet, undisturbed [adj]
vojna – war [noun, f]

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