Translation: bear [noun, m]

Bears are a recurring theme in Slovenia. The increasing population of brown bears is causing ocassional conflicts between the animals and humans-and heated debates between the farmers and hunters (the kill-many camp) and the environmentalists (the kill-none camp).


Medved je nevarna zver.
(Bear is a dangerous beast.)

Medvedek Pu ima rad med.
(Winnie-the-Pooh likes honey.)

Populacija rjavega medveda raste iz leta v leto.
(The brown bear population is growing each year.)


zaščiten kot medved
(protected, untouchable – lit. protected like a bear; the saying comes from the fact that the bear population in Slovenia enjoys protection from hunting.)

Direktorja so želeli odstaviti, a ga niso mogli–bil je zaščiten kot medved!
(They wanted to depose the manager, but couldn’t-he was well protected.)

tristo kosmatih medvedov
(lit. three hundred hairy bears; this is a famous Slovenian curse. It is more funny than serious. You can also omit “medvedov“.)


zver – beast
zaščititi – to protect
kosmat – hairy
volk – wolf

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