Translation: pub, bar, kavarna [noun, m]

The noun lokal typically means a place where you would go for a cup of coffee (also known as kavarna) or a drink (pub). On the other hand, the adjective lokalen does mean exactly what you imagine: local.


V nedeljo je lokal zaprt.
(The pub is closed on Sunday.)

Psom vstop v lokal prepovedan!
(Entrance to the bar forbidden for dogs.)

V sosednji hiši je gostinski lokal.
(There is a tavern / bar in the house next door.)

Lokal je stal v prijetni senci dreves.
(The bar stood in a pleasant shade of trees.)

Gremo na pivo? – Ja, poiščimo lokal.
(Shall we go for a beer? – Yes, let’s find a pub.)


kavarna – coffee (and tea and cake) place
čajnica – tea (and coffee and cake) place
gostilna – inn
restavracija – restaurant

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