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Translation: leaf, a sheet (of paper), document [noun,m]

List is a versatile word, often combined with an adjective. For example, when referring to a document, you may encounter:

potni list – passport
rojstni list – birth certificate
poročni list – marriage certificate
garancijski list – warranty certificate

When linked to a sheet of paper:

list – generally a list of paper (e.g. A4)
jedilni list – menu
risalni list – a sheet of drawing paper

One can also refer to a magazine as “list”, but that usage is outdated.


Na mizi leži list papirja.
(A sheet of paper is lying on the table.)

Vzemite prazen A4 list.
(Take an empty A4 sheet.)

Lipov list je simbol slovenstva.
(Linden leaf is a symbol of Slovenian culture.)

Jeseni je listje lepo obarvano.
(Leaves are nicely colored in autumn.)

Gospod, pokažite mi vaš potni list.
(Sir, show me your passport.)


biti naše gore list
(to be one’s fellow countryman; lit. to be the leaf of our mountain)

biti nepopisan list
(to be a blank slate, tabula rasa)

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