Translation: airplane

Many tourists come to Slovenia by plane. The main Slovenian airport is Letališče Jožeta Pučnika, a rather small airport with little traffic. But cozy in its own way.


Med letom v London sem poslušal glasbo.
(During the flight to London I listened to music.)

Posebno letalo je poletelo na Kanarske otoke.
(A special airplane flew to the Canary islands.)

Podjetje je izdelalo prvo letalo na električni pogon.
(The company made the first electric airplane.)

Letalo je strmoglavilo sredi oceana.
(The plane crashed in the middle of the ocean.)


Kdor visoko leta, nizko pade.
(Pride goes before the fall. Lit. – Those who fly high, fall low.)


letališče – airport
leteti – to fly
balon – balloon
cepelin – zeppelin
strmoglaviti – to crash (with an airplane)
let – a flight


Edvard Rusjan was the first Slovenian who flew with a plane in 1909. He made the plane with the help of his brother. Two years later he died in a plane crash. Crazy times.

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