klop pod klopjo

Translation: a tick under a bench

What is this all about? In today’s post I give you several tongue twisters in Slovenian (like Slovenian wasn’t already difficult enough!). Admittedly, they’re quite silly and you won’t hear them in everyday life, but perhaps you can learn some and impress your Slovenian friends?

Če čebula ne bi če imela bi bila bula.
(If an onion wouldn’t have on it would be ion.)

Pešec prečka cestišče.
(A pedestrian crosses the road.)

Perica reže raci rep.
(A washerwoman cuts off a duck’s tail. – It’s a palindrome!)

Pikčasta ptička v pikčasti kletki.
(A spotty birdie in a spotty cage.)

Listen to the pronunciation of Slovenian words and phrases.

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