Kako si?


Translation: How are you?

If you want to address a group of people, or to address someone in a formal way, then say Kako steSeveral variations exist for this simple conversation starter.

Kako se imaš? – lit. How do you have yourself?
Kako gre? – lit. How is it going?


In, kako si? Kar v redu, pa ti?
(So, how are you? Quite good, and you?)

Hej, Tomaž, kako gre? Slabo.
(Hey, Tomaž, how is it going? Not good.)


The last form (kako gre) conveniently omits a pronoun and is less formal. It can be used also to explain how well a business, project, etc. is doing.

Našemu podjetju gre to leto zelo dobro.
(Our company is doing very well this year.)

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