Translation: soup

Every decent traditional Slovenian meal includes soup as a starter. Some common soup types are:

goveja juha – beef soup (very traditional)
zelenjavna juha – vegetable soup
fižolova juha – bean soup
paradižnikova juha – tomato soup


Miha, če je juha prevroča, jo malo popihaj.
(Miha, if the soup is too hot, blow on it a bit.)

Moja babica skuha najboljšo juho.
(My grandma cooks the best soup.)

Imaš rajši zelenjavno ali govejo juho?
(Do you prefer vegetable or beef soup?)


ne priplavati po juhi
(to have enough experience that you are not being taken for a fool; lit. to not swim over on a soup)

Kaj praviš? Da si z golimi rokami ujel tigra? A misliš, da sem po juhi priplaval?
(What are you saying? That you caught a tiger with your bare hands? Are you taking me for a fool?)

vroča juha
(an unpleasant situation; lit. hot soup)

Vodstvo se je prepozno odzvalo in še tri dni pogrevalo vročo juho.
(The leadership (or management) reacted too late and persisted in the unpleasant situation for three days.)


In several Slovenian dialects, juha is replaced by župa. Župa is a
so-called germanizem, a word that has been adopted, and over time
slightly transformed, from German. Here is a short article about these
words (if you can read a bit of Slovenian). Some other examples are:

šraufenciger (izvijač) – screwdriver
fuzbal (nogomet) – soccer
zic (sedež) – a seat

While such words are not considered a beautiful Slovenian, they are very
common in everyday speech.

Listen to the pronunciation of Slovenian words and phrases.

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