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I always associate autumn with apples and apple pies.


Iz jabolk je naredila slastno jabolčno pito.
(From the apples she made a delicious apple pie.)

Jeseni se listje obarva v tople barve.
(In autumn, leaves are colored in warm colors.)

Sredi vrta stoji stara jablana.
(An old apple tree stands in the middle of the garden.)

Adamovo jabolko je izboklina na moškem vratu.
(Adam’s apple is a bulge on a men’s neck.)


Jabolko ne pade daleč od drevesa.
(The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.)

jabolko spora
(an apple of discord)

ugrizniti v kislo jabolko
(to grasp the nettle; lit. to bite into a sour apple)


hruška – pear
sliva – plum
jesen – autumn

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  1. Hej! I’m learning Slovene for 2 weeks and i was looking for meaning of “a lahko” and than i just found your website. And it’s incredible! I don’t understand most of sentences yet but i’m so happy for finding a website like this. You are voicing sentences at the same time and this is way good for a learner. Also your examples, your way to explain and teach words are wonderful. I’m excited to learn Slovene and explore your website. You are doing well, please keep doing (:

    • Thanks for your kind words! I’m happy that you find the site useful. If you have a specific request, just let me know 🙂

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