Translation: as it is, of course, duh

This informal word is very popular among Slovenians; you will hear it all the time in everyday speech. Its meaning depends on the context.


Pojdi, tukaj nas je itak preveč.
(Go, there are too many of us here anyway / as it is.)

Po parih pranjih so itak vse majice zanič.
(After a few washings all the t-shirts are naturally useless.)

Si res pripravljen? Itak.
(Are you really ready? Of course / Duh.)

Kar ostani še malo, vlak si itak zamudil.
(Just stay for a while, you missed the train anyway.)

Ne bom je predstavljal, saj jo itak poznate.
(I will not introduce her, because you already know her.)


tako in tako – as it is
seveda – of course

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