Why this blog? To provide you with yet another resource to learning Slovenian. It’s not better (and hopefully not worse) than the other existing material, it’s simply another possibility that may help you in your brave quest to learn this Slavic language. The emphasis is not on the basics of grammar, but more on how to use and pronounce phrases and how to use common words in everyday life. As such, it is meant for speakers who want to master the language beyond prosim and hvala.

Slovenian has a lovely combination of declensions, duality and grammatical gender. A fun fact: taking declensions into account, there are in principle 540 (!) possible combinations of personal pronouns in Slovenian. But don’t worry, Slovenians ignore half of the rules in everyday speech, so no one will blame you if you make a grammatical blunder. I will not attempt to make a comprehensive analysis of all possible forms of every word on this blog. If you want to know details about a particular example, feel free to leave a comment.

“What a beautiful country!”, is a typical response to Slovenia from foreigners. I agree. But I also hope that, by reading this blog, you will start to appreciate Slovenia for its linguistic and cultural qualities as well.

Who am I?

Name is Jure Japelj. I like stellar explosions, writing, and chocolate.