Translation: dung

You might find it a weird choice. Out of all the possible words or expressions that I could discuss here… I chose gnoj. Note that it is quite a useful word to know. In addition to its literal meaning, it can be used to refer to an especially bad person (On je gnoj!).

But to make the post especially interesting, I will not use the typical structure. Instead, I will introduce you to Srečko Kosovel, a poet who lived at the beginning of the 20th century. He died at 22; by that time he wrote about 500 poems. His poetry is regarded as of very high quality and he is a sort of an icon today. Here I give you one of the more entertaining poems.

Gnoj je zlato
in zlato je gnoj.
oboje = 0
0 = ∞
∞ = 0
AB <
1, 2 3
Kdor nima duše
ne potrebuje zlata
kdor ima dušo
ne potrebuje gnoja.
I, A.


Dung is gold
and gold is dung.
both = 0
0 = ∞
∞ = 0
AB <
1, 2 3.
Whoever has no soul
doesn’t need gold.
Whoever has a soul
doesn’t need dung.


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