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Translation: boredom, tedium

The word dolgčas literally means long (dolg) time (čas). I hope this post will not bore you.


Dolgčas mi je.
(I’m bored.)

Po nekaj dneh neznosnega dolgčasa je končno lahko zapustil stanovanje.
(After a few days of unbearable boredom he was finally able to leave the apartment.)

Ta predstava je čisti dolgčas.
(This show is a total boredom.)

Kadar sta Pak in Mak skupaj, jima ni nikoli dolgčas.
(Pak and Mak are never bored when they are together.)


preganjati dolgčas
(to pass the time, to kill the time; lit. to chase away the boredom)

Med poletjem sem si dolgčas preganjal z branjem knjig.
(During the summer I was passing the time reading books.)


brezčasen – timeless (lit. without (brez) time)
sčasoma – in time (lit. with time)

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