Translation: rain [noun, m]

A useful word, given that weather is the #1 small talk topic. See also related words.


Dež je prekinil dirko.
(Rain has interrupted the race.)

Na severu države bo danes deževalo.
(It is going to rain today in the north of the country.)

Sara, danes bo deževalo. Vzemi dežnik!
(Sara, it is going to rain today. Take an umbrella!)


Priti z dežja pod kap.
(To come from a bad situation to a worse one. – lit. To come from the rain under the edge of a roof.)

rasti kot gobe po dežju
(To grow fast, to spread fast. – lit. to grow like mushrooms after rain)

V tem mestu trgovine rastejo kot gobe po dežju.
(Stores are spreading really fast in this city.)


deževen – rainy
deževati – to rain
dežnik – umbrella [noun, m]


We tend to forget that rain can also be fun! A nice children’s poem describes that well:

Dežek pada cele dni,
še ponoči nam rosi,
in namaka luže tri.
V prvi luži žabica,
v drugi luži račkica,
v tretji luži sem pa jaz-
vsi kričimo na ves glas!

(Disclaimer: a horrible literal translation, but fortunately you are here to learn Slovenian, not to study poetry!

It is raining for many (lit. whole) days,
even in the night it drizzles,
filling up three puddles.
A (little) frog in the first puddle,
A duckie in the second,
and me in the third-
we all scream our heads off!


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