Translation: slippers

Slovenians usually don’t wear shoes in their homes – we wear copate. It is also common to have a few spare pairs at home in case we get visitors. The comfortable footwear looks like this:

Note that športni copati refers to sneakers or gym shoes.


Nikjer ne najdem svojih copat.
(I can’t find my slippers anywhere.)

Rok, obuj copate, da se ne prehladiš!
(Rok, put on some slippers, so that you don’t get a cold!)


biti copata
(to be henpecked, lit. – to be a slipper)

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One of the most famous fairytales among Slovenian children is “Muca copatarica“. It is about a cat who hides slippers of those children who don’t lay their slippers neatly next to their bed (but rather leave them carelessly lying around the room).

You can give the fairytale a try here: wiki

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