Translation: time

Čas is again one of those common words that are entwined in everyday life. The examples show some of the more common uses. I only include a few more common expressions.


Že dolgo časa ni bilo dežja.
(It hasn’t rained for a long time.)

Prideš na kavo? Ne, nimam časa.
(Are you coming for a coffee? No, I don’t have time / I’m busy.)

Objavili so datum, čas in kraj prireditve.
(They announced the date, time, and location of the event.)

Ta čas mi bo za vedno ostal v spominu.
(That time/period will stay in my memory forever.)

Za tisti čas so bile njegove ideje napredne.
(His ideas were progressive for that time/period.)

Dolgčas mi je.
(I’m bored.)

Prostor-čas in gravitacija: uvod v splošno teorijo relativnosti
(Space-time and gravity: an introduction to the general theory of relativity)


Čas je zlato.
(Time is money; lit. time is gold)

čas kislih kumaric
(lit. time of pickles; it refers to the summer period (when pickles are typically made) when the media usually lack important news and start publishing trivial artickles.)

krasti komu čas
(to waste someone’s time; lit. to steal someone’s time)


časovni pas – time zone
kratkočasiti se – to pass time with an (useless) activity
časopis – newspaper

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