Slovenian ode to bananas.

Translation: banana

No comment necessary.


Banana je podolgovat, rumen tropski sadež.
(Banana is an elongated, yellow, tropical fruit.)

Za posladek je pripravil palačinke z bananami in čokolado.
(He prepared pancakes with bananas and chocolate for dessert.)

Banane ne rastejo v Sloveniji.
(Bananas don’t grow in Slovenia.)


banana republika
(typically a small, poorly economically and politically developed country; lit. – banana republic. Note: also “banana država”)

banana (šport)
(block (sports) – a term in basketball describing the tipping or deflection of a shooter’s shot)


pomaranča – orange
ananas – pineapple
kivi – kiwi
limona – lemon
lubenica – water melon

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