Translation: soccer

I admit: soccer is not my thing. But it plays such a big role in public life, I might as well cover it here. Nogomet is constructed from two words: noga (a leg) and met (a throw). Sometimes a more appropriate žogobrc is used, coming from žoga (a ball) and brcati (to kick); but that sounds a bit funny to a native. Use žogobrc only to impress!


Nogomet je igra z žogo.
(Soccer is a game with a ball.)

Nogomet je najpomembnejša igra na svetu.
(Soccer is the most important game in the world.)

Nogomet ali košarka, to je vprašanje.
(Soccer or basketball, that is the question.)

Slovenska nogometna reprezentanca je osvojila turnir v nogometu.
(Slovenian national team won the soccer tournament.)

Rezultat nogometne tekme je bil nepomemben.
(The score of the soccer match was unimportant.)


nogometaš – a soccer player (male)
nogometašinja – a soccer player (female)
žoga – ball
gol – goal

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Translation: cap, hat

Volnena kapa (woolen cap) is an essential piece of clothing on winter days. Some other types are:

kuharska kapa – chef hat
plavalna kapa – swimming / bathing hat
kapa s ščitnikom – baseball hat
kapa s cofom – pom-pom hat


Zeblo jo je, ker je pozabila kapo doma.
(She was cold, because she forgot the cap at home.)

Za rojstni dan mu je podarila volneno kapo.
(She gave him a woolen cap as a birthday present.)

Plavalna kapa v bazenu je obvezna.
(Swimming hat in the pool is mandatory.)


Kapo dol!
(Hats off!; especially overused with respect to sports)

Denis se je žrtvoval za ekipo. Kapo dol!
(Denis sacrificed himself for the team. Hats off!)


klobuk – hat
pokrivalo – headgear
šal – scarf
rokavica – glove, mitten

Listen to the pronunciation of Slovenian words and phrases.


Translation: food

Slovenia has a varied cuisine. Bread (kruh) is a constant, potato (krompir) is the king, and nothing beats potica in terms of a dessert. The meals of the day are:

zajtrk – breakfast
kosilo – lunch
večerja – dinner
malica – snack


Ptice iščejo hrano.
(Birds are searching for food.)

Dobra knjiga je hrana za dušo.
(A good book is food for the soul.)

Iz kuhinje je zadišalo po hrani.
(A smell of food wafted from the kitchen.)

Ne pozabi nahraniti zlate ribice.
(Don’t forget to feed the goldfish.)


nahraniti – to feed
jesti – to eat
piti – to drink
Dober tek! – Bon appetit!

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Translation: toilet, bathroom, lavatory

Stranišče is both the lavatory and the piece of furniture that you use to do… things. The full name for the furniture is straniščna školjka (lit. toilet shell).


Oprostite, kje je stranišče?
(Excuse me, where is the toilet?)

Počakaj! Predem odidemo, moram na stranišče.
(Wait! Before we leave, I have to go to the toilet.)

Kdo je na vrsti, da počisti stranišče?
(Whose turn is it to clean the toilet?)

Sedim na stranišču, in razmišljam.
(I sit on the toilet, and I think/contemplate.)

Na stranišču neznosno smrdi.
(There is an unbearable stench in the lavatory.)


stranišče na štrbunk – latrine
kopalnica – bathroom
umivalnik – sink, washbasin
smrad – stench, stink

Listen to the pronunciation of Slovenian words and phrases.