Slovenian ode to bananas.

Translation: banana

No comment necessary.


Banana je podolgovat, rumen tropski sadež.
(Banana is an elongated, yellow, tropical fruit.)

Za posladek je pripravil palačinke z bananami in čokolado.
(He prepared pancakes with bananas and chocolate for dessert.)

Banane ne rastejo v Sloveniji.
(Bananas don’t grow in Slovenia.)


banana republika
(typically a small, poorly economically and politically developed country; lit. – banana republic. Note: also “banana država”)

banana (šport)
(block (sports) – a term in basketball describing the tipping or deflection of a shooter’s shot)


pomaranča – orange
ananas – pineapple
kivi – kiwi
limona – lemon
lubenica – water melon

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Translation: paradise, heavens, bliss

Raj is a place where one’s soul goes after they’ve done something well according to their religion (I apologize for this simplified definition). Note that in Christianity one can also use the word nebesa, which means the same as heavens. On the other hand, raj also describes a state of bliss.


Adam in Eva sta bila izgnana iz raja.
(Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise.)

Če boš priden, boš šel v nebesa. Če boš poreden, boš šel v pekel.
(If you behave, you will go to heavens. If you misbehave, you will go to hell.)

Pašniki, gore, jezera… Slovenija je raj na Zemlji!
(Pastures, mountains, lakes… Slovenia is a paradise (heaven) on Earth.)

Rajske ptice imajo čudovito perje.
(Birds-of-paradise have a wonderful plumage.)


obljubljati raj na Zemlji
(to promise something wonderful)


pekel – hell
vice – purgatory

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Translation: party (informal)

The formal word for a party is zabava. But it sounds a bit stuck-up. If your party involves dancing and beer and a lot of fun, then you would call it žur or žurka. It is especially applicable to student parties. Derivatives also exist:

žurirati – to party
žuriranje – partying
žurka – also a party

Žur can also be used to describe a particular collective festive fun feeling on an event. See examples.


Hej, a danes zvečer prideš na žur? – Ja, seveda.
(Hey, are you coming to the party tonight? – Yes, of course.)

Žuriranje med študenti je zaskrbljujoče.
(Partying among students is worrisome.)

Včeraj sem bil v klubu. Didžej, muska, ples-bil je pravi žur!
(I was in the club yesterday. DJ, music, dance-it was great! Note: I used the slang muska instead of glasba here.)

Med izbruhom koronavirusa so vsi žuri prepovedani.
(All parties are forbidden during the coronavirus outbreak.)


Žur do jutranjih ur.
(Party until early in the morning. Note: in Slovenian it rhymes, therefore this incomplete sentence is often used in different circumstances.)


zabava – party, fun
plesišče – dance floor
pivo – beer
pir – beer (informal)

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Translation: star

Similar to its English meaning, zvezda describes both a hot ball of burning gas and a famous person with an inclination for extravagant.


Sonce je Zemlji najbližja zvezda.
(Sun is the closest star to Earth.)

Na večernem nebu so zasijale prve zvezde.
(The first stars appeared (lit. started to shine) on the evening sky.)

Peterokraka zvezda je pomemben ideološki in verski simbol.
(A five-pointed star is an important ideological and religious symbol.)

Prihodnost je zapisana v zvezdah.
(The future is written in the stars.)

Filmske zvezde so se sprehodile po rdeči preprogi.
(Movie stars walked down the red carpet.)


biti rojen pod srečno zvezdo
(to be born under a lucky star; it is also common to say nesrečno zvezdo, which means unlucky)

kovati koga v zvezde
(to praise somebody to the skies; lit. to forge somebody into stars)

seči po zvezdah
(to reach for the stars)


The red star is one of the symbols of communism. In Slovenia, the survived fighters of the second world war (and their younger supporters) still proudly wave with flags with red stars on national ceremonies. To the chagrin of the survived opposition (and their young supporters). You wouldn’t believe the debates and arguments between the two brainwashed ideological factions that are still present in Slovenian politics.

Politics aside, my first association with the red star is Betelgeuse. Talking about the brainwashed.

Behold: The Red Star! Ref: NASA/ESA
Listen to the pronunciation of Slovenian words and phrases.