Translation: loud noise, racket

Traffic, barking dogs, neighbors with their loud music–all that is hrup. So put on your noise-canceling headphones and join me in this week’s post. You’ll encounter the word being used both literally and figuratively. Let’s see, hrup can be:

oglušujoč hrup – deafening noise
neobičajen hrup – unusual noise
neznosen hrup – unbearable noise


Stroji povzročajo neznosen hrup.
(The machines are making an unbearable noise.)

Iz lokala se je razlegel hrup.
(Noise came from the pub.)

Hrup okoli afere se je polegel.
(The uproar over the scandal subsided.)

Janez, ura je devet. Nehaj igrati bobne. Hrup vznemirja sosede.
(Janez, it’s nine o’clock. Stop playing drums. The noise is disturbing the neighbours.)


mnogo hrupa za nič
(much ado about nothing)


šum – noise
slušalke – headphones
motnja – disturbance
glasen – loud

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klop pod klopjo

Translation: a tick under a bench

What is this all about? In today’s post I give you several tongue twisters in Slovenian (like Slovenian wasn’t already difficult enough!). Admittedly, they’re quite silly and you won’t hear them in everyday life, but perhaps you can learn some and impress your Slovenian friends?

Če čebula ne bi če imela bi bila bula.
(If an onion wouldn’t have on it would be ion.)

Pešec prečka cestišče.
(A pedestrian crosses the road.)

Perica reže raci rep.
(A washerwoman cuts off a duck’s tail. – It’s a palindrome!)

Pikčasta ptička v pikčasti kletki.
(A spotty birdie in a spotty cage.)

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Translation: airplane

Many tourists come to Slovenia by plane. The main Slovenian airport is Letališče Jožeta Pučnika, a rather small airport with little traffic. But cozy in its own way.


Med letom v London sem poslušal glasbo.
(During the flight to London I listened to music.)

Posebno letalo je poletelo na Kanarske otoke.
(A special airplane flew to the Canary islands.)

Podjetje je izdelalo prvo letalo na električni pogon.
(The company made the first electric airplane.)

Letalo je strmoglavilo sredi oceana.
(The plane crashed in the middle of the ocean.)


Kdor visoko leta, nizko pade.
(Pride goes before the fall. Lit. – Those who fly high, fall low.)


letališče – airport
leteti – to fly
balon – balloon
cepelin – zeppelin
strmoglaviti – to crash (with an airplane)
let – a flight


Edvard Rusjan was the first Slovenian who flew with a plane in 1909. He made the plane with the help of his brother. Two years later he died in a plane crash. Crazy times.

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Translation: plastic (noun)

Plastic is the silent killer of our planet. This post will help you to annoy those around you who don’t give plastic a lot of attention. Note that the adjective is plastičen.


Zakaj trgovine še vedno prodajajo plastične vrečke?
(Why do shops/stores still sell plastic bags?)

Plastika v oceanih vsako leto povzroči smrt milijonov živali.
(Plastic in ocean kills millions of animals each year.)

Plastični izdelki za enkratno uporabo so pogubni za okolje.
(Plastic disposables are devastating for the environment.)

Z nekaj domišljije lahko plastične odpadke uporabimo znova.
(With a bit of imagination we can reuse plastic waste.)

Koliko plastike recikliramo vsako leto?
(How much plastic do we recycle each year?)


reciklaža – recycling
plastična operacija – plastic surgery
onesnaženje – pollution
odpadki – rubbish, waste, trash

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Translation: a baby

There comes a time in a person’s life when suddenly their old acquaintances start spamming them with cute baby pictures. I suspect I entered that stage. Anyway, a baby younger than four weeks is also called novorojenček (a newborn).


Kamor se obrnem, povsod vidim dojenčke!
(Wherever I turn, I see babies everywhere!)

Dojenčka je hranila po steklenički.
(She fed the baby from a bottle.)

Dojenčki ne potrebujejo veliko reči.
(Babies don’t need many things.)

Kako lahko pomirim mojega dojenčka? – Daj mu dudo.
(How can I calm down my baby? – Give him a pacifier.)


novorojenček – a newborn
štruca – a small baby wrapped in clothes; literally a loaf (of bread)
voziček – a baby carriage (lit. a small carriage)
plenica – a diaper

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Translation: a bat (the one with pointy teeth)

Bats have a bad reputation. Their association with vampires always kept them on the dark side of the animal spectrum. But causing the worldwide pandemic? Unforgivable! I wouldn’t want to be a bat in these times.


Netopirji so sesalci.
(Bats are mammals.)

Večina netopirjev se hrani z žuželkami. Le peščica vrst pije kri večjih živali.
(Most bats eat bugs. Only a handful drinks blood of bigger animals.)

Globoko v jami je živela kolonija netopirjev.
(Deep in the cave lived a bat colony.)

Kaj nas netopirji lahko naučijo o virusih?
(What can bats teach us about viruses?)


sesalec – a mammal
ultrazvok – ultrasound
krila – wings
nočna žival – nocturnal animal


If you live in Slovenia, you can become a member of the Slovenian society for the study and conservation of bats. It looks fun, they even have a bat-of-the-year
section. This year’s champion is a lovely little monster.

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Translate: hen

The word is also a (soft) derogatory term to refer to a woman. Another term for a hen is kura. And now you know what the headline image on this webpage
refers to. Because Slovenia has a form of a hen/chicken. Have you figured it out
by yourself? Actually, kura is usually used vernacularly, while kokoš is reserved
for formal writing and speech.


Kokoš je izlegla jajce.
(The hen hatched/laid an egg.)

Včeraj smo imeli kokoš za večerjo.
(Yesterday, we had hen for dinner.)

Te ženske se res obnašajo kot kokoši.
(These women really behave silly; lit. – These women really behave like hens.)


hoditi s kurami spat
(to go to bed with the chickens; to go to sleep early)

biti kot kura brez glave
(to be reckless, panicky; lit. – to be like a hen without a head)

pisati kot kura
(to have a horribly handwriting; lit. – to write like a hen)


piščanec – chicken
petelin – cock/rooster
piščanček – chick

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Translation: Slovenia

I mean, it’s about time to bring Slovenija into the spotlight. This being a language blog, I will refrain from posting touristic click baits. A few important derivatives:

Slovenec – a male Slovenian
Slovenka – a female Slovenian
slovenski – Slovenian (notice that it is not capitalized!)


Slovenija leži na sončni strani Alp.
(Slovenia lies on the sunny side of the Alps.)

Barve na slovenski zastavi so: bela, modra, rdeča.
(The colors on the Slovenian flag are: white, blue, red.)

Med potovanjem po Kitajski sem srečal Slovenca.
(During a trip accross China I met a Slovenian.)

Vsak dan se na delo vozi iz Italije v Slovenijo.
(Every day, he drives to work from Italy to Slovenia.)

Kaj na meniju je tipično slovensko?
(What on the menu is typically Slovenian?)


Much to our chagrin, Slovenia is often mixed with Slovakia. It usually happens at sports events: a Slovenian wins a race (yeah!), the organizers raise a Slovakian flag or play the wrong anthem–you know, the usual. I’m not sure whether the locals would hold it against you if you made a blunder. Better safe than sorry, though.

Just kidding:)

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Translation: politics, policy

Populism, policy, ratings, arguments, affairs–all that, and much more, is politics. Public perception of politics in Slovenia is quite negative. Yet it is at the forefront of many conversations and a catalyst of many heated arguments.

Different kinds of politics are:

zunanja politika – foreign politics
lokalna politika – local politics
strankarska politika – party politics

Politika is also used as policy:

uredniška politika – editorial policy
davčna politika – tax policy


Slovenska politika se sooča s krizo vrednot.
(Slovenian politics is facing a crisis of values.)

Kmetijska politika Evropske unije se je v zadnjih letih močno spremenila.
(Agricultural policy of the European Union has change a lot in recent years.)

Politiki so podprli predlog vlade.
(Politicians supported the government’s proposal.)

Kitajska je imela politiko enega otroka.
(China had a one child policy.)


politika je kurba
(politics is a whore; a popular R-rated saying, note that kurba is a reasonably strong swearing word)


politik/političarka – male/female politician
predsednik – president
stranka – party
predsednik vlade (premier) – prime minister

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Translate: fable

A change of format for this one. Here is a fable from the book Ezopove basni (Aesop’s fables). Aesop was a Greek storyteller born about 620 BC. I got a wonderfully illustrated collection of his fables as a kid. Note that the English version below is not a verbatim translation of the Slovenian text.

Medved in čebele

Medved je naletel na podrto drevo, v katerem so imele čebele skrito svojo zalogo medu. Ko je tako vohljal za medom, je s cvetočega travnika priletela čebela. Dobro je vedela, kaj naklepa medved, zato ga je z vso močjo pičila in se skrila v votli hlod. Medved se je razjezil in s šapo udaril po hlodu, da bi uničil čebelje gnezdo. Tedaj pa je iz hloda privršal cel roj jeznih čebel in medved se je pognal v beg, kar so ga nesle noge. V strahu za svojo kožo je skočil v bližnjo mlako.

Bolj modro je tiho pretrpeti prvi udarec kot si z jezo nakopati tisoč sovražnikov.

The Bear and The Bees

A Bear roaming the woods in search of berries happened on a fallen tree in which a swarm of Bees had stored their honey. The Bear began to nose around the log very carefully to find out if the Bees were at home. Just then one of the swarm came home from the clover field with a load of sweets. Guessing what the Bear was after, the Bee flew at him, stung him sharply and then disappeared into the hollow log. The Bear lost his temper in an instant, and sprang upon the log tooth and claw, to destroy the nest. But this only brought out the whole swarm. The poor Bear had to take to his heels, and he was able to save himself only by diving into a pool of water.

It is wiser to bear a single injury in silence than to provoke a thousand by flying into a rage.

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